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Are the effects of societal changes and systems on individual outcomes mediated by social inequalities?

Professor Lesley McAra

Professor Lesley McAra is Assistant Principal for Community Relations and holds the Chair of Penology in the Law School at the University of Edinburgh. Lesley’s research interests are in the sociology of punishment, law and deviance. She is an international expert on youth crime and juvenile justice. Lesley is the Co-Director (with David J.

Professor Susan McVie

Susan is Director of the Understanding Inequalities project.  She is also Co-Director of the Administrative Data Research Centre in Scotland; Co-Director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime; and a founding member of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.  From 2009-2017, she was Director of the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN).

Dr Paul Norris

Paul Norris is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh.  He completed his PhD, entitled “Policing priorities in London: Do Borough Characteristics Make a Difference?” in 2009.  He is an associate member of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and on the editorial board for the journal Criminology and Criminal Justice.