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UI Symposium speakers on inequalities and the importance of comparative evidence

At our recent symposium on 'The impact of inequalities in the early years on outcomes over the life course' we asked some of our international guest speakers about the importance of using comparative evidence from other countries and jurisdictions when developing policy to tackle inequalities. 

Click on the video clips below to see:

Dr Abby Fagan, Associate Professor at the University of Florida on the importance of projects like Understanding Inequalities in gathering evidence to support initiatives to tackle inequalities. 

Dr Louise Scott, Head of the Families and Analysis Division at Scottish Government on how they use research evidence from other countries to inform policy development in Scotland. 

Professor Leon Feinstein, Director of Evidence at the Children's Commissioner for England on the value of looking elsewhere for solutions and ideas when devising policy solutions here in the UK. 

Dr Tara McGee, Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia on her research on the impact of poverty and disadvantage in childhood and its outcomes in adulthood.