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Summary Report: The impact of inequalities in the early years on outcomes over the life course

We recently held a symposium at the Scottish Parliament, which brought together international academics and policy makers to discuss the impact of childhood inequalities on life outcomes across a broad range of topics, including education, crime and well-being.

We asked each of our speakers to contribute to this summary report, which draws together the findings that were presented toether with the policy discussions that followed. The presentations drew on a range of  international evidence from the US, Israel, Ireland,  New Zealand and Australia, together findings emerging from Scottish and UK data sets, exploring key stages in a young person's life, from early adversity in early childhood through adolescence and the impact of this on adult lives.

We would like to acknowledge all those who participated in the symposium and contributed to the production of the report. This work was supported by an ESRC International Networking Award.

View the report in full.

You can also access the presentations from the event together with short interviews with some of our speakers including Dr Abby Fagan from the University of Florida, Dr Tara McGee from Griffith University, Australia and Dr Louise Scott, Head of Children and Families Analysis at the Scottish Government.