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Documentary: Addressing Spatial Inequality in the 21st Century


Last year we hosted an international symposium on The Dynamics of Spatial Inequality in Sheffield.  This event brought together US and UK-based speakers and delegates from a variety of policy, practitioner and academic disciplines to share perspectives on whether and how spatial inequalities matter and the implications for policy innovation. 

As part of this event, we filmed a short documentary featuring interviews with our international speakers. We asked them about the implications of spatial inequalities for life outcomes, across health, housing and the labour market, and we asked what they thought a new vision for spatial policy in the 21st Century might look like. This film also features an interview with Lord Blunkett, former UK Home Secretary. 

You can also view a selection of short clips from the film including: 

We would like to thank all those who participated in the symposium event and in making the documentary. 

This documentary was filmed and edited by Tig Digital and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council International Networking Award. 

Find out more about the event, including copies of the presentations that were delivered by each of our speakers:
Presentations from The Dynamics of Spatial Inequality: Processes, Outcomes and Solutions