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Data Comic about inequalities in Scotland

Professor Gwilym Pryce and Dr Meng Le Zhang

Earlier this year the Understanding Inequalities project was approached by University of Edinburgh colleagues Benjamin Bach and Catherine Magill regarding their data visualisation project focussing on inequality and inclusion. This project was funded by the Edinburgh Futures Institute and posed the question -
"Can data visualisations engage a wider audience in data-driven policy and decision-making about inequality?"

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Ben, Cat and graphic artist Miranda Smith, who used data and findings provided by Professor Gwilym Pryce and Dr Meng Le Zhang to create a data comic - "We'll take the low road": how has Scotland fared in pursuing its vision for lower inequality?

The comic looks at a number of measures of inequality, including income, housing, educational attainment and exposure to crime, and analyses how these factors have impacted on life outcomes for people in Scotland compared with England in the 20 years since the Scotland Act 1998.