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Slides from the UI International Symposium: The impact of inequalities in the early years on outcomes over the life course

On Monday 11th March, we hosted an international symposium on 'The impact of inequalities in the early years on outcomes over the life course'. This event brought together international academics from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland and the UK who are actively researching the impact of disadvantage and inequality in the early years, with policy makers from different jurisdictions who have a shared interest in developing creative and effective solutions.

This was a closed event however the presentations are of relevance to anyone working to address childhood inequalities. Please find a copy of the programme here, which gives more context and information about the aims of the event. You can also find biographies for each of the presenters here.

There were a number of presentations throughout the day. Please find them listed below, in order of the agenda. Please note that, where some of the findings presented were very preliminary, we cannot make the presentation available at this time:

The transition to primary school: How family background and childcare experiences influence children's skills on school entry - Professor Emer Smyth, Understanding Inequalities, ESRI, Dublin

Poverty, problem behaviour and policy: conduct disorder among 10 year olds in Scotland - Dr Kath Murray, Understanding Inequalities, University of Edinburgh

Adverse childhood experiences and adolescent development in a high-risk sample - Dr Abby Fagan, University of Florida

Adult life success and the impact of poverty - Dr Tara McGee, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

How do early inequalities and adverse experiences impact on criminal convictions over the life course? - Professor Susan McVie, Understanding Inequalities, University of Edinburgh

Professor Adam Gamoran from the William T Grant Foundation in the US led a discussion on policy insights around childhood inequalities in the US, policy implications and areas of innovation and future research.

View Professor Gamoran's slides here.