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UI Co-Director featured in BBC Radio Four show 'Death of a Headmaster'


Professor Jon Bannister comments on violent crime and school exclusion in the programme made in memory of London Headmaster Philip Lawrence who was stabbed to death at his school 25 years ago.

The programme looks at the legacy of Mr Lawrence and also investigates whether initiatives to reduce knife crime have had any lasting effect. 

The connection between school exclusion and violent crime

The impact of school expulsions is explored first hand from an expelled pupil who says it led them down the wrong path. Jon talks about the research evidence on the harm of expulsions as well as the services and initiatives that are needed to tackle violent crime.

“We know that those people who are expelled [...] not only develop poorer educational outcomes, which impacts upon their opportunities to find legitimate employment, but it also increases their likelyhood of getting into trouble [...] with the criminal justice services and the police." 
– Professor Jon Bannister

“Expulsions are a part of the problem. The question becomes 'How do we prevent expulsions? How do we provide resources to schools and communities to help children integrate and perform better in school?'”
– Professor Jon Bannister

Listen to the programme

The full episode ‘Death of a Headmaster' which aired on 8th December 2020 is available on BBC Sounds. Listen to Jon at 27 minutes and 23 seconds into the programme:

BBC Sounds | Death of a Headmaster

About Jon Bannister

Jon Bannister FAcSS FRSA is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he founded and directs the Manchester Metropolitan Crime and Well-Being Big Data Centre, and the Crime and Policing Network.

Jon holds research expertise in criminology, policing, evidence-based policy, advanced quantitative methods and knowledge mobilisation (inclusive of co-production). His research examines the interplay of urban processes and behaviours (urban transformations) upon exposure to crime and other harms. He is Co-Director of the Understanding Inequalities project and leads the strand of research on drivers of inequality in exposure to crime. 

Professor Jon Bannister

Manchester Metropolitan Crime and Well-Being Big Data Centre