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Life at the Frontier project launch webinar


On Thursday 10th September 2020 at 2.30pm (BST), a webinar on the social integration of migrants will mark the launch of the new ESRC and Nordforsk funded project Life at the Frontier.

Life at the Frontier project

The project is led by Professor Gwilym Pryce, Co-Director of the Understanding Inequalities (UI) project, and also features UI researchers Dr Andrew Bell, Dr Nema Dean, Professor David Manley and Dr Meng Le Zhang.

Drawing together research on social frontiers, it will compare and contrast the social integration of migrants between neoliberal societies (the four nations of the UK) and socioliberal ones (Norway and Sweden).

"We are excited about this project as we believe it will help develop a more robust evidence to policy making in this important area.

Existing approaches to measuring integration of migrants tend to rely on quite static measures such as the difference in employment rates between immigrants and those born in the host country. Current frameworks, such as the UK Home Office 'Indicators of Integration', also tend to ignore geographical barriers to integration, such as the level and type of  segregation. Our ambition is to tackle both these deficiencies and develop new ways of thinking about integration."
– Professor Gwilym Pryce

Project launch webinar

At the launch webinar, Gwilym and Life at the Frontier Co-Directors will propose a new research agenda that develops measures of integration that capture spatial and dynamic drivers of integration. They will discuss an important, yet overlooked, form of segregation: ‘social frontiers’ - sharp spatial transitions between adjoining communities which limit contact between groups and foster territorial behaviour.  The existence of social frontiers has the potential to limit the wellbeing and social mobility of migrants and other minority groups.

The session will be chaired by Helen Grady, Senior Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radio 4, and also features contributions from Lord David Blunkett, and a range of stakeholders from the UK, Norway and Sweden.

Event registration

Attendance at the webinar is free and is open to academics, practitioners and policymakers. Register on Eventbrite to receive a link to join the seminar online:

Life at the Frontier: Social mobility, segregation and integration tickets | Eventbrite

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