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A degree helps, but doesn’t guarantee social mobility

Professor Cristina Iannelli

Professor Cristina Iannelli has written an opinion piece on social inequalities in labour market outcomes among graduates, highlighting that education is not always the great equaliser that it is assumed to be. 

A degree helps, but doesn't guarantee social mobility | Scotland | The Times

“Policies that offer sustained support are needed to ensure people from low socio-economic groups can reap the benefits associated with a degree.
Adequate grants, mentoring and career advice are among the provisions that would help students smoothly transition into good graduate jobs.”

– Professor Cristina Iannelli

The article is based on the findings from recent research with Dr Bożena Wielgoszewska and Dr Adriana Duta which highlights inequalities in graduates’ career paths based on their parents’ social class, which is summarised in this blog post:

Different degrees of career success: Understanding inequalities in graduates’ employment pathways

About Cristina Iannelli

Professor Cristina Iannelli is Professor of Education and Social Stratification in the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh. She is also Co-Director of the Understanding Inequalities project.