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Keynote session: Understanding and tackling persistent crime and justice inequalities

This session will be delivered by Professor Susan McVie, Director of the Understanding Inequalities project at the University of Edinburgh and Professor Jon Bannister, Director of the Crime and Well-Being Big Data Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University.  

Despite significant reductions in crime in the UK, it has become more concentrated within spatial units and social groups – typically those that are most impacted by a range of economic and other inequalities.   In an era of austerity, this has posed challenges for the police and other justice organisations who must do more with less while addressing some of the most stubbornly persistent and wicked problems in modern society.  

In this plenary session, Professors Mcvie and Bannister will explore some of the situational and political dynamics driving crime patterning from both a geo-spatial and an individual perspective, and consider the implications for policy and practice of tackling crime and justice inequalities.

For more information about each of the speakers in this session, please visit the Keynote Speaker biographies page.