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Data Comic: How crime has changed in Scotland

Susan McVie

The Understanding Inequalities project team were delighted to have the opportunity to work with graphic artist Miranda Smith, who used data and findings provided by Professor Susan McVie to create the data comic "How crime has changed in Scotland".

Illustration of police offer behind "police line" tape

The comic looks at how crime has changed in Scotland, including the fall in police recorded crime and how young people have contributed to the crime drop. It also explores poverty as a risk factor for offending and what happens to young offenders who are caught by the police.

"How crime has changed in Scotland" data comic was funded through the Edinburgh Futures Institute Research Award given to University of Edinburgh colleagues Benjamin Bach, Catherine Magill, Ewan Klein and Dave Murray-Rust for their data visualisation project focusing on inequality and inclusion "Can data visualisations engage a wider audience in data-driven policy and decision-making about inequality?"

EFI Research Awards