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Professor Cristina Iannelli

Professor Cristina Iannelli

Cristina Iannelli is Professor of Education and Social Stratification in the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh and Research Lead in the Institute for Education, Community & Society in the same School.

She is Co-Director of the Understanding Inequalities project.  From 2013 to 2017 she was Co-director of the ESRC-funded centre AQMeN (Applied Quantitative Methods Network) in the University of Edinburgh and within the centre she led the ‘Education and Social Stratification’ research strand which involved collaborators from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and the US. 

Her main research interests are: social inequalities in education, social mobility, youth transitions, cross-country comparative analysis and advanced quantitative research methods. Cristina has extensive research experience as leader and co-investigator of several national and international research projects. She was the principal investigator of the ESRC project Education and Social Mobility in Scotland in the 20th Century which provided an up-to-date picture of social mobility patterns in Scotland. After this study she was awarded a three-year ESRC Research Fellowship on The Role of Educational Structure and Content in the Process of Social Mobility and more recently funding from the Scottish Funding Council for the project Beyond access to HE: Widening Access Initiatives and Student Retention.