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Dr Francesca Fiori

Dr Francesca Fiori
Senior Research Fellow

Francesca is a Social Demographer. Her work and approach have been shaped by formal training in Demography and Social Statistics - she holds a Master Degree in Statistics, Demography and Social Sciences and a PhD in Demography, both from Sapienza-University of Rome - followed by a decade of research in interdisciplinary contexts, both within academia and in the official statistics sector.

Her research uses longitudinal and multilevel secondary data, sophisticated quantitative methodologies, and a life course perspective to understand population and social change in Western Europe. She has a strong interest in family and fertility behaviours, and particularly in the drivers and implications of childbearing, both for the families involved and at the wider societal level.

She joined the Understanding Inequalities project as a Senior Research Fellow to explore the role of early childhood experiences in shaping subsequent social inequalities.