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New AQMeN Research Briefing: Reduction in homicide and violence in Scotland is largely explained by fewer gangs and less knife crime

Sara Skott and Susan McVie

In this briefing paper, Sara Skott and Susan McVie explore how a decline in knife crime and gang violence has made the biggest overall contribution to the reduction of homicides and other forms of  violence in Scotland.

Read the briefing here. 

This briefing paper was produced by Dr Sara Skott and Professor Susan McVie, as part of a wider body of work around homicide and violence which was carried out under the auspices of the ESRC Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN)  Research Centre (2013-2017).

Find out more about Sara's work and the wider AQMeN research into crime and victimsation at the AQMeN website.