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Photograph and Image Acknowledgements

The photographs and illustrations used on the Understanding Inequalities site are licensed via Getty Images and are to be credited as follows:

Mother and son holding hands – c/o Nadezhda1906


Little girl looking through a fence – c/o Juanmonino


Dad with kids going to the bus stop – c/o Kikovic


Scribbled brick wall – c/o sonofsteppe


Car thief looking through car window – c/o djedzura


Police Scotland logo – c/o georgeclerk


Criminal in handcuffs – c/o BrianAJackson


Teengae girl buying drugs – c/o Daisy-Daisy


Drug dealer taking money – c/o KatarzynaBialasiewicz


Human paper chain – c/o patpitchaya


New Housing Development – c/o Empato


Abstract chaotic background – c/o MATJAZ SLANIC


Living in a data matrix city – c/o peterhowell


Large group in Buchanan Street – c/o MarioGuti


Pedestrians crossing the street – c/o georgeclerk


Hanging out in the city – c/o FatCamera


Clapping to a song – c/o FatCamera


Group of people planting vegetables – c/o Rawpixel


Social network – c/o dem10


Ecology group of people cleaning the park – c/o Rawpixel


Recycling – c/o FatCamera


Exceptionally beautiful neighbourhoods – c/o JamesBrey


Row of townhouses – c/o B&M Noskowski


Blurred large crowd of people – c/o rclassenlayouts


Economic depression, closed shops –  c/o onfilm


London council blocks aria – c/o IRStone


Old Terraced House –  c/o fantail

Business people talking in office –  c/o FangXiaNuo


Team meeting in distribution warehouse –  c/o alvarez


Mid adult businessman interviews potential employee –  c/o Steve Debenport


Man walking through a busy open plan office –  c/o monkeybusinessimages


Interior Of Busy Modern Open Plan Office With Staff –  c/o monkeybusinessimages


School Children STEM Learning –  c/o Solstock


We all know the answer –  c/o skynesher


Students having a lesson in the lecture hall –  c/o Wavebreakmedia


Diverse education shoot – c/o Rawpixel


Champs de Mars garden – c/o Brasil2


Green Park panorama – c/o Martin Wahlborg


Looking over Edinburgh in the rain –  c/o GeorgeClerk


Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland –  SteveGeer


People relaxing with friends in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow –  - c/o SoopySue


Aerial shot of Kelvingrove Park – c/o treasuregalore


Power Station Chimneys – c/o Schroptschop


Smokestacks with pollution – c/o acilo


Police Line Do Not Cross –  c/o Easyturn


Police at an incident –  c/o whitemay


Boy in hoodie trespassing on private residential property –  c/o nkbimages - image posed by a model


Window smashed by car thief street scene – c/o whiteway


CCTV camera and warning sign – c/o ace66


CCTV – c/o 400tmax

Sad Boy - c/o Xavier_S

Untitled (prison cell) - c/o https://pixabay.com/users/ichigo121212-11728/