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Here you will find a collection of the latest media engagement and Understanding Inequalities blogs, or guest blogs that UI researchers have written.

Professor Gwilym Pryce

Professor Gwilym Pryce has written an opinion piece on the deep inequalities that exist in the UK  and the 'levelling up' agenda.

Barnsley's betrayal exposes 'levelling up' partisanship | The Yorkshire Post

“Regional and neighbourhood inequalities exist not just in income but also in education, employment, pollution and exposure to crime. But, because government departments focus on particular areas of inequality in isolation, policies can be introduced that reduce inequality in one area only to worsen it in others.”
– Professor Gwilym Pryce


The ESRI is currently recruiting a tenure-track quantitative sociologist in the Social Research Division of the ESRI, which consists of a multi-disciplinary team of sociologists, economists, epidemiologists, psychologists, health service researchers and statisticians.

It intends to appoint at Research Officer level although the appointment may be made at Senior Research Officer level if appropriate to the successful candidate’s skills and experience.


Professor Jon Bannister comments on violent crime and school exclusion in the programme made in memory of London Headmaster Philip Lawrence who was stabbed to death at his school 25 years ago.

Professor Cristina Iannelli

Professor Cristina Iannelli has written an opinion piece on social inequalities in labour market outcomes among graduates, highlighting that education is not always the great equaliser that it is assumed to be. 

A degree helps, but doesn't guarantee social mobility | Scotland | The Times

“Policies that offer sustained support are needed to ensure people from low socio-economic groups can reap the benefits associated with a degree.
Adequate grants, mentoring and career advice are among the provisions that would help students smoothly transition into good graduate jobs.”

– Professor Cristina Iannelli