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Dr Rebecca Pillinger

Rebecca Pillinger
Research Associate

Dr Rebecca PillingerĀ is a statistician, with an MSc in Statistics from the London School of Economics and a PhD in Education from the University of Bristol. She has worked at the Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh and at the London School of Economics, and her previous research has been in school segregation; genetic and environmental factors affecting the relationship between cognitive ability test scores and achievement test scores; patterns of victimisation and the factors affecting them; trajectories of recorded crime at the local authority level; factors affecting the choice of an active mode of travel to work; the relationship between use of hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy and developing asthma; and how individuals interact and influence each other when engaged in a conflict discussion task. She is keenly interested in using and developing advanced statistical methodology, with a particular focus on multilevel modelling, but also taking in structural equation modelling and latent class analysis. She enjoys teaching and has taught these techniques at many workshops in the past although she is currently only involved inĀ research.